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Chesterfield Market Stall - Saturdays Chesterfield, Saturdays, Little Market, Top Row.

Traditional honey340g now available online.

beekeepers and bees Mac and James.
Pure Beeswax Bar Approx 25g

You can check stock levels at our Sutton Scarsdale Shop by phoning 01246 854318 / 077 47 57 8333.
Beeswax has many uses, some of which are mentioned below.
  • Making mouth parts for didgeridoo.
  • waxing thread in needlework.
  • waxing bow strings.
  • freeing up sticky draw runners.
  • lubricating zippers on scuba diving suit.
  • lubrication & sealing ammunition.
  • making cosmetic products.
  • making candles.
  • sealing cheese.

Produced by our bees that forage around the fields & hedgerows of Chesterfield.

Get postage wise:  We can often post 2 to 3 items for the same postage charge (depending on weight and size).

Visit and save 10% on this item.  £1.00 each at our Honey & Hive shop, Sutton Scarsdale.  Also available on our market stalls.


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