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Chesterfield Market Stall - Saturdays Chesterfield, Saturdays, Little Market, Top Row.

Traditional honey340g now available online.

beekeepers and bees Mac and James.
Honey & Garlic 227g made using our local honey

Honey & Garlic

Honey, Garlic.
Produce of England.

No artificial colours, flavours, preservatives or oils.
Made using honey from our bees which forage around the fields and hedgerows of Chesterfield, Derbyshire.

Some uses:
Glaze vegetables, chicken or just spread on toast.  I saute mushrooms, then at the end of their cooking, I add some Honey & Garlic.  Helen

Honey is not suitable for infants under 12 months of age.
(But well worth the wait).

Get postage wise:  we can often post 2 to 3 items for the same postage charge.


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