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Chesterfield Market Stall - Saturdays Chesterfield, Saturdays, Little Market, Top Row.

Traditional honey340g now available online.

beekeepers and bees Mac and James.
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Range of Products
(On display at our Honey & Hive Shop,
Sutton Scarsdale)
Busy Bee Ribbon 4mtrsBusy Bee Ribbon 4mtrs
Childrens Bee Backpack Childs BagChildrens Bee Backpack Childs Bag
Double Strainer SieveDouble Strainer Sieve
Hand Cream - Beeswax & Almond OilHand Cream - Beeswax & Almond Oil
Hand rolled beeswaxHand rolled beeswax
Hive ToolHive Tool
Honey & Chilli 227g Roper's Honey and ChilliHoney & Chilli 227g Roper's Honey and Chilli
LAVENDER Hand Cream - Beeswax & Almond OilLAVENDER Hand Cream - Beeswax & Almond Oil
Mouse GuardMouse Guard
Nucleus colony 5 frame Nucleus of bees colonies in travel hive for sale 2017Nucleus colony 5 frame Nucleus of bees colonies in travel hive for sale 2017
Plastic Porter Bee Escapes (Collected £1.00)Plastic Porter Bee Escapes (Collected £1.00)
Plastic Queen Excluder (£4.80 collected)Plastic Queen Excluder (£4.80 collected)
Portable Honey Refractometer SPECIAL OFFERPortable Honey Refractometer SPECIAL OFFER
Polish Tins x 10Polish Tins x 10
Pure Gum Turpentine Rustins 500ml TurpsPure Gum Turpentine Rustins 500ml Turps
Queen bees for sale Buckfast QueensQueen bees for sale Buckfast Queens
Rose candleRose candle
Asian Hornet Trap Apishield (from £49)Asian Hornet Trap Apishield (from £49)
B401 Certan Wax Moth 120mlB401 Certan Wax Moth 120ml

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